Hey, you stumbled upon my little corner of the web. 🌟 Welcome! It's rad that you're curious enough to check out the "about" section (who even does that nowadays, right?). Name's Billy, in case we haven't met yet. Been diving into the world of web and app analytics for a good 7 years now. Started out by gobbling up blogs left and right, learning from the greats like Avinash, Simo Ahava, Himanshu Sharma.

I got pretty lucky to land in this industry, and I've been riding the wave ever since. But, you know, every now and then, I feel the urge to give back what I've received. So, voilà, this website was born! My goal is to share the wisdom I've gathered with folks all across the web.

Who knows what the future holds, maybe the web will morph into something entirely different, and my work will end up as data in chatGPT. But hey, that's cool, 'cause life's all about giving and taking. 🔄

Anyway, I hope you have a blast exploring the world of analytics, just like I do. To me, analytics should be fun, easy to grasp (well, maybe with just a teeny bit of effort), and most importantly, it should make a meaningful impact on our lives. 💡

Oh, and hey, if you're part of an NGO or philanthropy and need some analytics consultation, hit me up at nonprofit@billy-kwan.com. 🤝 I'm here to help, and it won't cost you a dime.